From Friday 8 to Tuesday 12 October

Dear friends,

We are pleased to send you the invitation to our X Open Internacional “Ciudad de Alfaro” (X ”Alfaro City” International Chess Open) -Silver Stork Trophy Tournament which will be held from 8th to 12th October 2021. 

We hope you will be able to join us. After a forced year without activities, we are as eager, as we are sure you are too, of resuming the activity.

We will be happy to help you with the accommodation.


Deadline:: Sunday 3 October, it is essential to be federated (Valid for ELO FIDE and FEDA).

Fees: registrations received until 20 September: General: 30 €, Under 18 years old: 25 €, CA Alfaro Members: 15 €

Registrations from 21 September to 3 October: 5 € to add to the fees indicated above.

If possible, by sending an email to .

If it is not possible, by calling the following telephone: 635764858.

Or by filling the following registration form:



1st GENERAL                  600 € + “Silver Stork” Trophy

2nd   GENERAL                 300 € + Trophy

3rd   GENERAL                  250 € + Trophy

4th   GENERAL                  200 €

5th   GENERAL                  130 €


1st UNDER 2200 ELO                90 €

1st UNDER 2000 ELO                90 €

1st UNDER 1800 ELO 90€

1st SENIOR (+55)                     90 €

1st UNDER 18                         90 €

1st FEMALE                              90 €

1st C.A. ALFARO                      90 €

2nd C.A. ALFARO                     80 €

3rd C.A. ALFARO                     70 €

1st FROM LA RIOJA               70 €

1st LOCAL                             70 €

TROPHY to best Club or Team; the points of the four best players of each Club or Team count.

The economic prizes will not be accumulative; legal holds and taxes will be applied to prizes over 300€.

If one player is eligible for more than one prize, the Organization will award her/him the one that appears first in the order of prizes.

Players eligible for special prizes:

· ELO Categories: ELO Fide or, otherwise, ELO Feda

· Seniors: born in 1966 or before

· Under 18: born in 2003 or afterwards

· Female

· C.A. Alfaro players

· Players from La Rioja: registered or federated in La Rioja.

· Local: registered in Alfaro

The awards ceremony will take place at the end of last tournament round.

X “Alfaro City” International Chess Open, Silver Stork Trophy

From 8 October to 12 October 2021


1st Round                Friday 8 October, 18:00h

2ndRound               Saturday 9 October, 10:00h

3rd Round               Saturday 9 October, 17:00h

4th Round               Sunday 10 October, 10:00h     

5th Round               Sunday 10 October, 17:00h        

6th Round               Monday 11 October, 17:00h    

7th Round                 Tuesday 12 October, 09:30h

 Event location: Inmaculada Concepción Convent, ALFARO

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