From Friday 28 October to Tuesday 1 november

Dear friends,

We are pleased to send you the invitation to our XI Open Internacional “Ciudad de Alfaro” (XI ”Alfaro City” International Chess Open) -Silver Stork Trophy Tournament which will be held from 28th October to 1st November 2022. 

We hope you will be able to join us.

We will be happy to help you with the accommodation.


Deadline:: Sunday 23 October, it is essential to be federated (Valid for ELO FIDE and FEDA).

Fees: registrations received until 5 October: General: 30 €, Under 18 years old: 25 €, CA Alfaro Members: 15 €

Registrations from 5 to 23 October: 5 € to add to the fees indicated above.

If possible, by sending an email to .

If it is not possible, by calling the following telephone: 635764858.

Or by filling the following registration form:



1st GENERAL                    800 € + “Silver Stork” Trophy

2nd   GENERAL                   550  € + Trophy

3rd   GENERAL                    350 € + Trophy

4th   GENERAL                    225 €

5th   GENERAL                    150 €


1st C.A. ALFARO   125 €

2nd C.A. ALFARO  115 €

3rd C.A. ALFARO  105 €

1st UNDER 2200 ELO                  100 €

1st UNDER 2000 ELO              100 €

1st UNDER 1800 ELO o sin ELO   100

2nd UNDER 2200 ELO                   80 €

2nd UNDER 2000 ELO              80 €

2nd UNDER 1800 ELO    80 €

1st SENIOR (+55)     75 €

1st UNDER 18                           75 €

1st FEMALE  75 €

1st FROM LA RIOJA                70 €

1st LOCAL                               70 €

TROPHY to best Club or Team; the points of the four best players of each Club or Team count.

The economic prizes will not be accumulative; legal holds and taxes will be applied to prizes over 300€.

If one player is eligible for more than one prize, the Organization will award her/him the one that appears first in the order of prizes.

Players eligible for special prizes:

· ELO Categories: ELO Fide or, otherwise, ELO Feda

· Seniors: born in 1967 or before

· Under 18: born in 2004 or afterwards

· Female

· C.A. Alfaro players

· Players from La Rioja: registered or federated in La Rioja.

· Local: registered in Alfaro

The awards ceremony will take place at the end of last tournament round.

XI “Alfaro City” International Chess Open, Silver Stork Trophy

From 28 October to 1 November 2022


1st Round                Friday 28 October, 18:00h

2ndRound               Saturday 29 October, 10:00h

3rd Round               Saturday 29 October, 17:00h

4th Round               Sunday 30 October, 10:00h     

5th Round               Sunday 30 October, 17:00h        

6th Round               Monday 31 October, 17:00h    

7th Round                 Tuesday 1 November, 09:30h

 Event location: Sala de Exposiciones Antiguo Ayuntamiento, ALFARO

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